Clarina Ceramics

Meet Clara, founder and maker at Clarina Ceramics. Her ceramics take a lot from art history, read more 💙

1 People interview

Meet Rea Tjoa Algreen, founder of 1 people. We have asked her a few questions in occasion of Women’s day. Read the interview with this great female founder 🌼💪🏼

Matteo Borgart-woodworkerandsurfer

Matteo Borgardt

Sustainable Fashion CONSCyou

Sustainable Fashion shouldn’t be hard to find! Vittoria, product and interior designer, founded Conscyou for inviting people to discover new realities that are safer for workers and respectful of the environment, providing easier access to those brands in a unique place. Read the interview!

Giulia Tamburini jewels

Read the interview with Giulia Tamburini and discover all about jewelry making by an expert.

Tobia Zambotti

Tobia Zambotti

Learn about this multidisciplinary designer Tobia Zambotti. Let yourself be inspired by his strong beliefs and courage!

head in clouds

Giselle Dekel

We had the pleasure to interview Giselle Dekel, a Belgian illustrator based in Israel. Discover what inspires her works!

Paolo Moscheni

Learn about Paolo Moscheni, an Italian illustrator interviewed by TA-DAAN, how he started and what are his inspirations!


It’s summer: waste no more!

An interview to Lifegate scientific director. What can we do to go zero waste? Why is it so important to start now and be mindful every day?