Benefits of sleeping on sustainable bedding set

Find out how to choose the perfect sustainable bedding set for you and follow our tips to improve your sleep (like a koala) 🐨💤


Sustainable Fashion CONSCyou

Sustainable Fashion shouldn’t be hard to find! Vittoria, product and interior designer, founded Conscyou for inviting people to discover new realities that are safer for workers and respectful of the environment, providing easier access to those brands in a unique place. Read the interview!

Upcycling is a Must Had

Get to know Must Had, the refashion platform for upcycled clothing and accessories.
They partner with brands, artisans, laboratories and designers who, through creative upcycling processes, give a new life to textile waste such as pre-owned clothing, leftover fabrics, deadstock clothing or general waste.

Sustainable WAK yarns

Sustainable yarns and kits to try out from We Are Knitters.
Be part of the revolution and make your own sustainable fashion garments.

Reduce, Reuse, Re-cashmere

Re-cashmere is an eco-friendly high quality recycled yarn by Betta Knit. It is made in Italy repurposing old cashmere sweaters. A virtuous consumption cycle

masks and sky

How to reuse face masks in a creative way

Creative projects that reuse face masks to make design pieces and artistic projects. From a puffer jacket to an entire installation. Discover them all.


Let’s reshape the way we eat

The Experimental Gastronomy project offers an innovative culinary experience with plant-based, local organic and biodynamic products.